Radical Retail


Retail Assistant
Since September 2016

Cailee started working at the Yuppy Puppy while she was still in highschool and knocking out her first two year college degree at the same time. She’s an exceptionally motivated and driven young woman who is now going to college to become a nurse!
She works part-time so she can handle her school work load and maintain the high marks she demands of herself, all while writing our website blog posts and immersing herself in all the pet knowledge she can absorb.
Welcome home, Cailee! We’ve missed you.


Downtown Retail Lead
Since October 2017

Kourtney was hired when we put out an ad looking for a “Mini-Aquila” and boy does she fit the bill! She is an exceptionally outgoing, funny and delightful young woman with an affinity for bright colored hair and tattoos.
She has quickly proven herself to be a hard-working, information-absorbing, go-getter, and a huge asset to our team!
She’s a born and raised Spokanite and the mom to a lovely Tuxedo cat named Midna and an adorable Chinchilla named Morty. She also recently adopted an adorable pitty-lab mix she named Tika. (Ohmydog, she’s so cute!)
When she’s not working (who are we kidding, she’s always working), she can be found playing tennis, longboarding  or video-gaming with her boyfriend.


Retail Assistant
Since August 2017

Zoey moved to Spokane a short 3 years ago. She didn’t have any family or friends here, nor had she ever visited before. She had heard that Spokane was beautiful, so she packed her life up and moved north!
She is clearly the adventurous type, and of herself says “talkative, and outgoing with my heart on my sleeve.”
Her hobbies include: Lots of live music, reading, writing and poetry. She’s a huge indie/classical film nerd and enjoys anything artsy.
At home she is mom to two dogs: Dakota and Lucky, four cats: Carter, Salem, Leo, and Oliver, and a Ball python named Persephone. It’s a veritable menagerie!


Retail Assistant
Since August 2017

Maddy is a born and raised Spokanite with a deep love of her family, dogs and science! Despite her shy nature, once you get to know her, you’ll find her friendly, optimistic, exceptionally loyal, happy, and even on occasion, hyper!
She starts every day with a Redbull Energy Drink, and ends the stressful ones with a cup of tea and a good book or a movie. Her short-term goal is to get her AA degree and then move on to become a Forensic Anthropologist, Forensic Pathologist or a Nurse.
She says her Spirit Animal is a Corgi. I’m not sure which of a Corgi’s traits or skills Maddy hopes to learn or develop, but maybe it’s their adorable tiny legs!