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Retail Assistant
Since November 2015

Jessica was a Space Needle lover in Seattle until her family moved to Elk, Wa., just north of Spokane. She loves spending time hiking or going on brief adventures to see new things, and would love to travel anywhere on her very extensive list of places to see. She is a talented photographer who has a camera of some kind perpetually in-hand to record every beautiful thing she sees, and she hopes to have her own photography business soon. She considers herself a bit of a mutt personality with maybe a little Golden retriever happy-go-lucky goofiness and a little of the Pug’s contented sleepiness thrown in for good measure.  She is very goal-oriented and admires people with ambition and motivation for their own lives. Jessica enjoys the Yuppy Puppy and is always challenged with new information and having to multitask and answer so many questions about so many things! Each day is so different and you always have to be on your toes! This “freshly born giraffe” lives by the words: “Stop thinking about doing it and just do it!”


Retail Assistant
Since September 2016

Much like little Laura Ingalls, our Laura was raised on a farm. Having recently graduated from University of Washington (Go Dawgs?), she has since returned to farm life with her menagerie of pets: Jewel-10 year old heeler mutt. River-1 year old Goldendoodle puppy. Pumpkin-16 year old cat. Obi-10ish year old Maine Coone mix cat. Twitchie-9ish year old cat. Willow- 1 year old cat. Plus 5 horses and numerous cows and chickens…
Laura spent the first 6 months of her Yuppy Puppy career predominantly in dog day care and has recently transitioned into retail where she can challenge her brain and fill it with all kinds of random nutrition information.
In her off time, Laura LOVES hiking and all things outdoors. She’s an avid hiker and takes some great photos of the beautiful Inland Northwest.


Retail Assistant
Since July 2017


Retail Assistant
Since October 2017


Retail Assistant
Since January 2018

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