Dazzling Daycare Monitors


Day Care Lead and Retail Assistant
Since November 2014

Born among the farms of Ohio, Emily has spent her majority of her life here in Spokane. She’s an avid reader who’ll read anything she can find. She can be a little reserved and shy, but once she warms up she can be protective, kinda geeky, and always upbeat. She considers herself more of a cat because it takes her awhile to warm up to people, she’s a bit of a home-body, and would tend to be night owl. She has a cat at home, Boki, and a Blue Heeler-Aussie shepherd, Blue.  “Em,” as she’s usually called, plays the violin and piano,  and learned early on to not listen to any advice from her “older” brother. She really wishes that people understood that the rules here at the Yuppy Puppy are here for you and your dog’s protection, not just to annoy you.


Day Care Monitor and Retail Assistant
Since April 2015

Taylor is a Spokane native who likes to read and hang out with friends. She identifies with Pugs that are weird but so cuddly and friendly. They’re typically pretty quiet and chill but can also be stubborn and intuitive. Pugs can be playful but more likely they’re simply sleeping in some quiet corner! She has a Rottweiler, Tohrment “Tohr”, a blue Heeler/Husky named Bruin, and cats: Sam, Hudson, Mia and Harper. She believes in letting the past be the past. However, Taylor does enjoy the memory of when Gavin Degraw fell against her at his concert. Oh shucks! This little lady produces the funniest “kitten-sneezes” you’ve ever heard, LOVES coffee, and thoroughly enjoys astronomy, sunrises, tattoos and lipstick.

Taylor 2

Day Care Monitor
Since September 2016

Taylor-Two as we affectionately call her, collects reptiles. Maybe “collects” isn’t the correct word, but she has several (and they freak me out). She also LOVES Pugs. I mean LOVES THEM. We thoroughly enjoy any interaction between Taylor2 and Pugs because it’s ridiculous.
In her spare time, Taylor2 has taken a second job as an Uber driver where she has the opportunity to talk dogs with her captives, I mean fares… I mean, who doesn’t want to talk about dogs all the time?


Day Care Monitor
Since March 2017


Day Care Monitor
Since July 2017

Poor Brendan, the only guy on the whole YP Team. He’s a great sport though and is quickly learning lots of life skills like; always apologize (even if you didn’t do anything) and be sure keep a stash of chocolate somewhere for co-worker emergencies… There are lots of other things too, but clearly those are the most important.


Day Care Monitor
Since August 2017
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