Aquila Brown, owner of The Yuppy Puppy, LLC, was nominated by one of her customers, Robin Thames, to have her story spotlighted as she continues to find joy even amidst a situation that’s totally out of her control.

Here is what Robin said about this Aquila and her love for her clients (both pets and people):

“Aquila truly cares about families and their furry family members. She is so much more than just a business owner, offering THE BEST knowledge of appropriate nutrition for our pets, even those with issues (like our Harley). She takes care of her employees like family, and thinks of her customers as family. She goes above and beyond to “mother hen” so many!

The COVID-19 crisis has been difficult for her business. They have had to close (temporarily) their downtown store, and some of the services that they typically offer at their north side store. But Aquila and her staff are doing everything they can to make sure that our pets are taken care of. This crisis is so fluid, changing hourly, and Aquila has been staying flexible to comply with CDC and state guidelines. She’s working hard to stay available for customers with phone service, bringing pet food to customers cars, etc.

Aquila also does live Facebook videos to educate pet owners. They are amazing!

I just can’t imagine the pressure she is under right now; the financial burdens, the responsibility to her staff and commitment to her many customers. I’m sure she is feeling deeply for everyone without thinking of her own situation.

Aquila is a unique person. She is fun, funny, sarcastic, insanely knowledgeable and so loved by everyone!”