Your dog’s digestive tract is sensitive and needs time to acclimate to changes in diet. We recommend the following transition guideline:

blogThe majority of our All Natural Dog Foods contain more meat and fewer carbohydrates than most other brands. While a higher meat to carbohydrate ratio provides a healthier and more natural canine diet, dogs who are used to eating a different diet will transition easier if the old food and new food are mixed together for a short time.

An abrupt change to a different diet can cause some dogs to experience gastro-intestinal upset, for example, loose stools or vomiting. While this upset usually disappears in a matter of days, it can often be avoided by following these simple transition guidelines. Unlike humans, dogs often eat the same diet for months or years and their digestive systems are not as used to change as ours are.

How to Transition Your Dog’s Diet

We have found that the smoothest transition from one dog food to another is to mix the foods together. This process should usually take about 2 weeks as outlined above, but you can increase the transition time if your dog is particularly sensitive.
Additional Tips for Food Transitioning

  • If your dog shows any signs of digestive upset during the transition, just hold at the ratio you’re at until it settles down.
  • Should your dog be a bit sensitive to change in the beginning, just let us know, we have some phenomenal supplements that can help during the diet change.